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Washington DC Dulles Airport Lounge

Washington DC Dulles Airport Lounge

Airist’s lounge at Dulles Airport provides Food & Beverage and high quality service to customers. (Air France, Korean Air, Iceland, Russia, Arab Emirates, KLM)


6:30am ~ 21:30

1. Sandwiches
Individually wrapped, five(5) kinds, including : roast beef, turkey, ham & cheese, tuna on croissant, and mixed vegetables on a roll

2. Hot Food
Roast vegetables, pizza, etc.

3. Soup
Various selections - soup of the day

4. Grape cups
7 oz. serving of fresh grapes.

5. Cheese, bread
Assorted cheese, baguette bread, fresh fruit cup & fresh fruit (assorted apples & oranges)

6. Dry fruit & nuts
Assorted dry fruits & nuts, presented as individual servings.

7. Desserts & snacks
Includes : brownies, blondes, rice pudding and chips (subject to change).

8. Hot & cold beverages

Hot beverages supplied by AIRISTS "state of the art" WMF Coffee/Espresso machine, including, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, decaf, hot chocolate, hot water for tea, assorted juices, soft drinks, lemonade and ice tea.

* The above listed items are subject to change/substitution, depending on availability, season and passenger preference.

  • Capacity

    120 seats & 20 seats (first Class)
    Total seating capacity will be about 180 seats.

  • Location

    2nd floor of Dulles International Airport, Virginia, after passing security check point

  • Operation Hours

    6:30am ~ 21:30pm

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