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Airist Co., Inc.’s mission statement is to provide the highest quality airport lounge service found throughout the industry. In order to accomplish this goal, Airist Co., Inc. is dedicated to making each airline passenger’s enough experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


Airist Companies are privately owned and operated by Jun S. Lee, a Korean-American and the founder of Airist Co., Inc. Airist is a food service company providing airport lounge services in Boston, Washington D.C, and San Francisco. Mr. Lee has been working in the food service industry for more than fourteen years. He opened on his first airport food business in 2003 in JFK’s Terminal One. This business located was recently remodeled and operates today as Jikji Cafe and specializes in Asian Foods. In addition to the JFK food concession, Mr. Lee has been collaborating with Saudi Arabia Airlines, Korean Air, Air France, and Alitalia at JFK and provides coffee services, flower arrangements, maintenance work, and food supplies.

Airist works in partnership with Air France and KLM lounges in Boston (Logan International Airport), Washington D.C. (Dulles International Airport) and San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport). We service more than 750,000 customers per year around at each lounge. Moreover, the Air France lounges provide service to customers flying with Korean Air, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Hainan Airlines, El Al, Aer Lingus, Qatar, Iceland Air, and Delta Priority Pass, China Southern Airlines, Qantas, Air Canada, and more.


Airist is a small company, but is constantly working to provide each Airline’s goal of customer satisfaction in a very specific niche market, the food market. We provide high quality goods, services, and equipment for all our operational lounges in a timely manner and at a reasonable and competitive price. The Airline industry encounters many obstacles on a daily basis such as flight delays, cancellations, and other unpredictable situations. However, Airist employees and services have helped maintain customer satisfaction in difficult circumstances since its partnership with Air France/KLM lounges.


Since Air France/KLM’s partnership with Airist Companies, customer surveys have shown a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. There are about seven Air France and KLM lounges in the U.S., but the lounges working with Airist Companies are ranked as the top three quality lounges.

Moreover, Airist Companies is working to expand to airports in Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


  • JFK Jikji Cafe

    Location: 3rd floor of JFK International Airport, Terminal 1

  • Washington DC Dulles Airport Lounge

    Location: 2nd floor of Dulles International Airport, Virginia, after passing security check point.

  • Logan Airport Lounge, Boston, MA

    Location: 1st floor of Logan International Airport Terminal E, Boston, Massachusetts after passing security check point.

  • San Francisco Airport Lounge, CA

    Location: 2nd floor of San Francisco International Airport, California after passing security check point.

  • China Air Lounge (San Francisco, CA)

    Location: 3rd floor of San Francisco International Airport, California after passing security check point.

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